Accommodation of Kijimadaira Nagano Japan in winter.

Narration script of Video

This is a “minshuku�?- a tourist home. These Japanese tourist homes are lodgings that provide wonderful hospitality. In Kijimadaira’s minshuku, you can see daily agricultural lifestyle up close.

Meals, too, are centered on the fresh vegetables and rice that the family grows in their fields and gardens. You can also try delicious Japanese sake brewed from locally-grown rice.

The vegetables that you harvest yourself will also be on the dinner table.

This is a boarding house. You can see the ski slopes right in front of you. After breakfast, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding until the sun sets.

Japanese-style boarding houses have an individual charm based on their owner's tastes. The owners themselves are unique as well. For example, some can act as skiing and hiking guides, while some can teach you how to make things such as handmade lampshades.

In front of the center ski slope that you can reach by the city tour bus, there is a well-equipped hotel as well.


Tourist home
Boarding home

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