Transportation to Kijimadaira Village Nagano Japan.

We will go to Iiyama Station by Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo Station .

After I got off in Iiyama Station , go to kijimadaira aboard the shuttle bus .

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This is the heart of the business sector of Tokyo: Marunochi. From here, I will board a bullet train that will take me to Kijimadaira in Nagano Prefecture.

Kijimadaira is a village where it is possible to see a typical Japanese rural landscape.

It is close to Tokyo and there are many ways to enjoy the village.

It is a pleasant 2-hour trip from Tokyo by bullet train.

I get off at JR Iiyama Station.

I’ll take a city-operated shuttle bus toward Kijimadaira.


From Tokyo to Iiyama

The bullet trains may be used with a JR J-EAST Pass.


It takes about two hours from Tokyo to Kijimadaira.

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It takes 15 minutes by shuttle bus to reach Kijimadaira. It is winter now. From the bus windows, the snowy, rural landscape expands before my eyes.

Kijimadiara lies on a delta, nestled between 2 rivers.

The ski slopes are in this area. Maguse, a famous hot spring, lies upstream of the valley.

On the weekends, you can ride a tour bus for free.

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