Attraction of Kijimadaira Nagano Japan in other than winter.

Maguse hot springs

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I took the city tour bus to the popular Maguse hot springs. How about this wonderful view? The men’s and women’s baths are separated so you can enjoy the hot springs with ease.

In the hot springs located inside this building, you can enjoy the baths together, too! You can even enter if you have a tattoo!

After getting out of the hot springs, you are encouraged to try the specialty buckwheat noodles, oden "fish stew", or ice cream. If you decide to spend the night at the inn, hotel staff can pick you up from the hot springs.


Maguse hot springs Website

Buckwheat noodle-making experience

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Here you can experience making buckwheat noodles, called "soba" in Japanese. They are a traditional Japanese meal that is a specialty of both Kijimadaira and Nagano Prefecture.

You can boil the noodles you make right at the site and have a taste! They smell delicious and taste even better!

Handmade paper-making experience

uchiyama washi, the traditional handmade paper of Kijimadaira

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These are shoji ?traditional paper doors-- that you often see in Japanese homes and ryokan. You can experience making this traditional Japanese paper, too.

Would you like to make a postcard and write about your travels?


Uchiyama Handmade Paper Workshop Website

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